Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Friday, December 02, 2016

Mnuchin Background Makes Him Unfit and Dangerous

This pick basically translates to Trump giving the middle finger to his working-class voters.

There is now a major campaign to make sure the American people know what a massive betrayal this is—and demand that Senate Democrats fight back.

Mnuchin was Trump’s top fundraiser, and his record is so corrupt, it's unbelievable, even for Trump. Check it out:
  • During the depths of the mortgage meltdown, his company OneWest foreclosed on 36,000 homes, including those of elderly retirees, using robo-signing to turn the company into a "foreclosure machine" while pocketing billions in bailout money.1
  • He swindled $50 million out of a media company he ran by resigning two months before the company filed for bankruptcy and using his connections to get preferential payouts.2
  • He made $3.2 million in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, and avoided having to pay back the victims because his army of lawyers convinced a judge that too much time had passed before he got caught.3
  • He's donated more than $120,000 dollars to politicians in both political parties to gain access and influence.4
This nomination is the clearest evidence yet that Trump conned the working-class voters who supported him. And if Senate Democrats don't fight this nomination, it will only confirm the voter's belief that both sides are equally corrupt.

We're launching a website calling out the blatant corruption in Trump's cabinet and mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people to demand that the Senate call out Trump's "drain the swamp" lies.